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Zavod za gradbenistvo Slovenije, ZAG (Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineering Institute)

ZAG is the leading Slovenian Institute in the field of building and civil engineering.Through high-quality work it successfully promotes the progress-orientated Slovenian applied science and technical expertise on a global scale. The organization is widely recognized both in Slovenia and in other countries by means of its experts, top-class equipment and multi-disciplinary work, including life cycle analyses of different construction materials. ZAG is involved in the international co-operation in science and technology with institutions from the EU, the USA and other countries. Over the last 10 years ZAG has participated in more than 50 projects funded by the EU (4th – 7th FP). Its research and testing sector is divided up into four departments: materials, building physics, structures, and geotechnics and infrastructure, it also has its own department for metrology.

Main roles in the project

  • establish a near zero-waste approach of the whole process by recycling non-metallic residues obtained from the magnetic and gravimetric separation

  • establish a strong and self-sustaining network of EAF and CF dust value chain

  • to assess the potential environmental, economic and social impacts of the EAF and CF dusts treatment processes taking into consideration the whole life cycle of the potential new products

  • establish regular cooperation and mobility scheme between project partners and their staff working on topics of Zn and other commercial compounds’ extraction from EAF and CF

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