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On 21st-24th May 2024 in Zlatibor, Serbia University of Belgrade organized Workshop for Students Project Dustrec. During the workshop students from Serbia, Italy, Slovenia and Poland had a chance to participate in interesting lectures given by lecturers associated with institutions participating in RIS-DustRec-II project:

• “EIT RawMaterials Community” by prof. Ivica Ristović (University of Belgrade, Faculty of Mining and Geology, Serbia)

• “Basic principia of metallic oxides reduction” and “Overview on the ironmaking&steelmaking processes” by dr Davide Mombelli (Politecnico di Milano, Italy)

• “Recovery of germanium from byproducts of zinc metallurgy” by dr Michał Drzazga (Łukasiewicz – Institute of Non-Ferrous Metals, Poland)

• “Application of separation procedures (magnetic and gravity) in the valorization of useful components from EAF dust” by dr Dragan Radulović (ITNMS, Serbia)

• “Bioleaching of e-waste” by Miha Štruc (ZAG, Ljubljana, Slovenia)

• “Utilisation of recycled metallurgical waste in construction products – selected cases” by dr Primož Pavšič (ZAG, Ljubljana, Slovenia)

• “Secondary raw materials in the West Balkan” by dr Jasminka Alijagić (GeoZS, Ljubljana, Slovenia)

• “Zinc recovery from metallurgical waste” by prof. Gašper Tavčar (JSI, Slovenia)


We thank all participants for the interesting presentations and the fruitful discussions!

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